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The go-e Charger Gemini flex 11kW in combination with the go-e Controller, a Powerful Solar Bundle.

The go-e Charger Gemini flex with a maximum charging power of 11 kW is the intelligent charging station in an elegant design for charging electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids both indoors and outdoors. The wallbox can be installed without an electrician. The Charger offers numerous additional convenience features through the app.

The compact size and lightweight allow for the use of the portable charging station at home, in front of office buildings, or while traveling. This makes the Charger a reliable companion even for camping or visiting friends.

Simply plug it into a red CEE 16 A socket or into other outlets using an adapter, and the charging process starts immediately. Please make sure to use suitable original adapters specifically designed for the go-eCharger Gemini flex 11 kW.

With the go-e Controller, you can charge your electric car or plug-in hybrid even more affordably, safely, and sustainably when combined with a go-e Charger:

1. Maximize the self-consumption of your PV system.
2. Rely on dynamic load management to avoid overloading the power connection when charging electric vehicles.
3. With Energy Monitoring, you can monitor energy flows in your building.

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The go-e Charger Gemini flex 11 kW is a wallbox for charging electric cars that can also transform into a mobile charging station in a matter of seconds. The charger is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation and can be directly connected to an existing red CEE 16 A three-phase socket. It's ready for the first charging operation right after connecting (Plug & Play).

The mobile charging station can be used with absolute safety. The DC protection module completely shuts off the charger in case of direct current fault currents. The use of the charging station is possible with or without the app. With the free go-eCharger app, you can change comfort and basic settings, allowing the device to adapt to your personal charging behavior. For instance, you can plan the charging process to make it more sustainable and reduce the strain on the power grid.

Manufacturer's warranty: 36 months (go-e Charger), 24 months (go-e Controller)
Country of origin: Austria

Included in the package:
• 11 kW charging station** (Made in Austria) with 16 A CEE red plug
• Wall mount including screws and dowels
• Optionally mountable theft protection (U-piece)
• One reset card
• One RFID chip (pre-trained)
• Quick guide

Product specifications:
• Mobile wallbox/charging station: IC-CPD, according to EN IEC 61851-1:2019, EN IEC 62752:2016/A1:2020
• Dimensions: approx. 15.5 x 26 x 11 cm
• Weight: approx. 1.63 kg
• Connection cable: 30 cm + plug, 5 x 2.5 mm˛ (Type H07BQ-F)
• Connection: Single or three-phase
• Rated voltage: 230/240 V (single-phase) / 400/415 V (three-phase)
• Rated frequency: 50 Hz
• Network types: TT/TN/IT
• Standby power: 3.1 W (LEDs off) to 5.2 W (LEDs on)
• RFID: 13.56 MHz
• WLAN: 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz / Frequency band 2412-2472 MHz

Permissible environmental conditions:
• Installation location: Indoor and outdoor
• Operating temperature: -25 °C to +40 °C
• Storage temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C
• Average temperature in 24 hours: Maximum 35 °C
• Altitude: Maximum 2,000 m above sea level
• Relative humidity: Up to 95% (non-condensing)
• Impact resistance: IK08

Charging power:
• Maximum charging power: 11 kW (16 A three-phase)
• Ampere and status display: Via LED ring and app
• Adjusting charging power: Via push button and app
• Charging power can be adjusted between 1.4 kW and 11 kW based on the number of phases of the car's onboard charger (adjustable in 1 amp steps between 6 A and 16 A):?Single-phase charging car: 1.4 kW to 3.7 kW (Country-specific limitations apply)
?Two-phase charging car: 2.8 kW to 7.4 kW (Two-phase connection of the charger is not possible)
?Three-phase charging car: 4.2 kW to 11 kW (go-e Charger adjusts power available at the connection)

Connection to infrastructure:
• CEE red 16 A (three-phase)
• With original go-e adapters (available as accessories): ?11 kW Gemini flex to CEE red 32 A (three-phase - Charger limited to 16 A)
?11 kW Gemini flex to CEE blue 16 A (single-phase)
?11 kW Gemini flex to Schuko plug 16 A (household socket - single-phase)

Connection to vehicle:
• Type 2 socket (according to EN 62196-2) with mechanical locking (own Type 2 cable required, available as an accessory)
• Vehicles with Type 1 can be charged with a Type 2 to Type 1 adapter cable (available as an accessory)

Safety functions:
• Integrated DC protection module with DC detection and additional AC detection (6mA DC, 20mA AC). An RCD type A must be installed on the building side and a miniature circuit breaker must be connected upstream. The local installation regulations must be observed.
• Protection class: I
• Pollution degree: II
• Theft protection: Locking of the charging cable
• Access control: Can be activated if required. Authentication via RFID or APP possible. One learned RFID chip is already included.
• Input voltage: Phase and voltage check
• Switching functions: Testing of switching functions
• Grounding test: For TT, TN networks (switchable grounding test for IT network - Norway mode)
• Current sensor: Three-phase
• Temperature sensors: regulation of the charging current in case of overtemperature
• IP65: Protection against dirt and water, suitable for permanent outdoor use
• go-e grid operator API: For authorized access of the grid operator to the go-e Charger for grid-friendly power control
• Modbus TCP: Among others, for grid-friendly power control by the grid operator

App and connectivity:
• Local (WLAN hotspot) or worldwide*** (WLAN) control and monitoring
• Setting/checking the charge (voltage, current, power, energy)
• Adjusting the current level in 1 amp steps
• Start/stop function
• Managing RFID chips/cards (up to 10 users per charger) / access management (RFID/app)
• Charging timer
• Current meter (total kWh and total amount per RFID chip)
• kWh limit mode / Eco mode*** / Next Trip mode***
• Push notifications***
• Cable unlocking functions
• Flexible electricity tariffs with intelligent charging management***/****
• Static load management***
• Photovoltaic integration via go-e Controller***
• OCPP 1.6***
• LED adjustment
• Charging levels management via push button on the charging station
• Upgradable for future features (Smart Home, etc.)***
• Automatic cable unlocking in case of power failure
• 1-/3-phase switching via app - even during charging
• Synchronization of charging operations with the cloud and display of past charging operations***
• Documented public API interfaces: HTTP, MQTT, Modbus TCP

**Please note our instructions regarding country-specific registration and/or approval requirements from the grid operator.
***Internet connection of the charger required
****Contract with an electricity provider required, whose flexible electricity tariff is integrated into the go-e app. Several hundred tariffs are available. The number of tariffs is constantly expanding

The go-e Controller ensures that surplus power from a PV system is used to charge electric cars. This allows you to get the most out of your investment in a PV system by increasing your self-consumption. Through dynamic load management, the go-e Controller prevents overloading of the house connection by automatically reducing the charging power for electric cars and plug-in hybrids connected to go-e Chargers during detected load peaks and increasing it again as soon as possible.

The go-e Controller is compatible with all go-e Chargers (Gemini and HOME series) and all types of PV inverters* as well as AC battery storage systems.

Energy Monitoring

With the go-e Controller, you monitor the energy flows of buildings. As a result, depending on the position of the sun and the current power demand in a building, charging processes of electric cars in combination with go-e Chargers can be controlled even smarter. However, you can also simply use the controller to monitor consumers. For example, you can keep an eye on the energy flows of a heat pump, air conditioning, or sauna. Single-phase or three-phase operation of the controller is possible. In three-phase power grids, you can monitor 3 additional devices (e.g., PV inverters, AC battery storage, and heat pumps), and in single-phase power grids, even 5 additional devices.

Self-Consumption Optimization: Efficient Use of Excess PV Power

With the go-e Controller, you charge surplus solar energy into the batteries of electric vehicles through one or more go-e Chargers. When your PV panels generate more energy than is required to operate your household appliances, charging increases your self-consumption and saves you money with green energy. For the functions of PV surplus charging and dynamic load management, measurement of PV production is not necessary. However, correct self-consumption can also be displayed through direct measurement at the AC connection of the inverter. No direct communication with the PV system is necessary. Battery storage systems can also be considered as long as they can be measured at the AC connection (direct measurement of battery power is not possible with hybrid inverters with DC battery connection). You have the choice of charging exclusively with PV surplus power or also with grid power.

Automatic Phase Switching**

If your PV system generates at least 1.4 kW of surplus energy, the go-e Controller sends this information to the go-e Charger, which takes care of the actual charging process with PV surplus power. Depending on the available power, the controller automatically switches between single-phase and three-phase charging. This way, you achieve high self-consumption even with low PV surplus production. As soon as your PV system produces enough surplus, the controller switches to three-phase charging.

Dynamic Load Management for Protection Against Power Outages & Peak Shaving

To avoid power outages when charging electric cars, you need a load management system. The go-e Charger already features static load management, allowing you to consider the maximum available power of your building when charging multiple electric cars. However, you would need to allocate a buffer, as other power consumers run in the building. Therefore, the go-e Controller enables dynamic load management. If necessary due to simultaneous operation of many power consumers, the charging power of go-e Chargers connected to the controller is automatically adjusted. As a result, your household appliances and charging stations consume no more power at once than your house connection can handle. And all of this happens automatically.

Convenient Control from the Couch

Set your preferences for generating and consuming solar energy directly from the couch via the app. Or use the go-e app to access all controller settings and adjust them to your needs. Whether dynamic load management or power consumption in your building, you keep track of everything. Once the controller is connected via WLAN or LAN, charging your electric vehicle becomes even easier, safer, more cost-effective, and sustainable.

Advanced Features for Experts and Integrators

Do you have programming skills? Gain even more control when charging an electric vehicle. The controller has additional interfaces like local HTTP API, Modbus TCP, and MQTT. With optional cloud connectivity, the controller's functions can be further optimized.

Manufacturer's warranty: 24 months
Country of origin: Austria

Included in the package:
• 1 x go-e Controller with terminal block (Made in Austria)
• 6 x Foldable current transformers, 100 A (with jack connector)
• 6 x 90-degree jack connectors (optionally connectable)
• 1 x WLAN antenna, self-adhesive (optionally connectable)
• 1 x Ethernet flat cable 2 m (optionally connectable)
• 1 x Data card with serial number and password for WLAN access point
• 1 x Quick guide

Product specifications:
• Dimensions (W x H x D): approx. 72 x 90 (without plug) x 61 mm (4 module widths)
• Weight: 193 g
• Voltage measurement: 4 inputs?Three-phase (L1, L2, L3, and N)
?Single-phase (L1 and N)

• Rated voltage: 3 x 230 V (single-phase) / 400 V (three-phase)
• Rated frequency: 50 Hz
• Display: Color display
• Compatibility:?go-eCharger Home Series
?go-e Charger Gemini Series
?All PV inverters*
?All AC battery storage systems

Recommended installation location is an electrical distribution board. If there is no more space, it is also possible to install the go-e Controller in a new surface-mounted/flush-mounted distribution board next to it and lay the connection cables for voltage measurement and current transformers there.

Measurement functions
• L1 - PE, L2 - PE, L3 - PE: Nominal = 230 V, Max = 277 V
• L1 - N: Min = 100 V, Nominal = 230 V, Max = 277 V
• L1 - L2, L1- L3, L2 - L3: Nominal = 400 V

Inputs for current measurement
• max. measurable current: Sinus = 100 A, Peak = 144 A
• max. continuous current (thermally limited): RMS = 140 A

• Ethernet 802.3: 10M / 100M, Full-Duplex or Half-Duplex DHCP or static IP address
• WLAN station 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz: Supported encryptions: open / WEP / WPA / WPA2 / WPA3 up to 10 configurations can be stored DHCP or static IP address
• WLAN access point: for local connection with the app or API channel can be freely set from 1 - 13 SSID and password can be set, deactivatable

*PV optimization is also possible without direct measurement of production by the inverter. Self-production can be measured and visualized via a sensor only for AC inverters.
**Only available for HOME Series V3 and Gemini series.

Shipping weight: 3.69 Kg
Product weight: 1.82 Kg

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